Why *BUCK-RAGE*®  is different... 

It’s every hunter’s nightmare, spending days or even weeks scouting the perfect spot, prepping the site and spreading out an attractant. You come back to check your camera anxious to see your bounty, you start to scroll through the pictures and... THERE"S NOTHING THERE! Avoid the disappointment with *BUCK-RAGE®* Attractant powder. Every bag of *BUCK-RAGE®* is made with high-quality ingredients because let’s face it, those deer may very well end up on your dinner table. Don’t pump them full of toxic chemicals or ingredients your doctor warned you about, feed them a first-class attractant that does what it says. Whether you’re an avid hunter, wild life photographer, wild life researcher or just enjoy maintaining a herd, *BUCK-RAGE*® is the number one deer attractant for all your needs. You can use it as a feed site enhancer by mixing with or spreading it over an introduced food source (bagged corn, peanuts, oats, etc.) or use it as a stand-alone attractant by spreading it on the ground or over a rotted stump making it one of the most versatile mule & whitetail deer attractants. Pour out the *BUCK-RAGE®* and bring in the BUCKS!

Tips for independent feeding...

- Pour out directly on the ground near a water source or traveled deer path. 

- Pour on top of a rotted stump or tree base. 

- Pour into a natural or man-made depression.

- Spread out in a natural clearing or at the end of firing lane. 

Tips for use with other products...

- Spread out on top of existing feed pile.

- Mix product with other feeds (corn, peanuts, oats, etc.).  

- When planting live food plots leave a spot in the center to spread product. 

- Can be used with water tight automatic feeders or spreaders.

Benefits of *BUCK-RAGE®* over other products...

- Powerful long range attraction with added minerals to keep the bucks coming back over & over.

- More than just an attractant, added minerals support the overall health of your herd.

- Attracts deer from neighboring areas, increasing your overall deer population. 

- Doesn't waste money on feeding squirrels or raccoons.

Instructions & Replenishment rate...


Instructions For Use:

1. Prepare the site  

Use a rake, tree limb or good ol' work boot to clear leaves & other debris, exposing a square of approximately 6'x6'. Cut the bag open using a sharp object.

2. Apply the product

Starting in one corner of the exposed square, begin pouring the product on the ground while walking backwards in a zig-zag pattern using imaginary boundaries from left to right avoiding clumping.

3. Maintaining a feed site 

Replenish with 8.5lbs weekly for 30 days after first application, then reducing to 8.5lbs every 30 days to maintain a location of feeding & attraction.  

Replenishment Rates:

- For light to moderate deer presence, replenish with 8.5 lbs every 30 days.

-  Once the deer are hooked, replenish with 8.5 lbs every 2-3 weeks. 

- Feed year-round for MAXIMUM attraction & support the overall health of your herd!

* Attraction properties are result of natural extracts. 

* This product contains copper, do not feed to sheep or goats. Check local & state laws before feeding.

Guaranteed Analysis: 

Calcium (CA) (min.) 13.5%, 

Calcium (CA) (max.) 15%, 

Salt (NaCl) (min.) 64.0%, 

Salt (NaCl) (max.) 65.0%, 

Iodine (I) (min.) 46ppm, 

Selenium (min.) 20ppm.

Ingredients List:

Salt, Calcium Carbonate, Sodium Selenite, Magnesium, Zinc Oxide, Manganous Oxide, Ferrous Carbonate, Iron Oxide, Copper Oxide, Cobalt Carbonate, Calcium Iodide, Mineral Oil, Natural Extracts for Scents.