Ugly Buck's Wild Game Products
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    Learn more about our company and why we started our journey making the highest quality products on the market!

    Little dirt on her boots!

    Watch as a proud country girl replenishes her MaxRack site! Got an observer across the field. 

    Dropping some knowledge!

    Seth talks about our MaxRack and explains how he prefers to apply it. 

    Ugly Buck smackdown!

    Watch the deer fight over Ugly Buck! Papa deer walks in and it's all over!

    Ghost in the woods!

    Watch as our friends at Rut Life tell their story of the elusive "BIG SHOW" they've been chasing for a few years. Ugly Buck has grown him into a monster! 

    A view from above!

    Check out this awesome video of our brothers at Rut Life replenishing some MaxRack. Beautiful drone footage! 

    Rut Life & Apple Tree Game Feeders!

    Apple Tree Game Feeders owner, Jason Caudle, joins Rut Life and shows off their one of a kind feeders! 

    Practice Makes Perfect!

    Rut Life Co-Host Jeremy Bullock is joined by a lovely guest, his fiance Lauren Hux. They show off and hone in their skills, getting ready for bow season.