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Benefits of becoming a retailer

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Becoming a retailer of our products has several advantages such as brand awareness, exclusive media marketing, excellent mark-ups and an ever growing customer presence. 

Brand Awareness

Our products are unlike any other mineral or attractant on the market and with that comes the need to make it available to as many customers as possible. Our brand's presence has been continuously growing since 2006. With this growth comes the need to expand the availability of our products. That's where you come in! As a small family owned and operated business we recognize the value and need for other small businesses. Unlike the "big name brands" we don't pressure you into unrealistic minimums or tiny mark ups, we also avoid aggressive tactics and stick with the simple idea... if you stock it they will buy it! 

Exclusive Media Marketing

Our social media pages are full of 5 star reviews with customers raving about their success with Ugly Buck. Be a part of the hype! We are constantly sharing, tagging and posting about our retailers. Everyday we receive 50 or more customer calls and messages looking for places to purchase our products without having to wait for shipping so we direct them to the nearest retailer... DON'T MISS THAT OPPORTUNITY!

Excellent Profit Margins

Through constant research and the growth of personal relationships with suppliers, we are able to reduce the cost of manufacturing and become more competitive with other companies. We pass the savings to our retailers leading to an increased profit margin and growth of your own business. Very few companies offer the mark-ups and profit margins we give our retailers. Combine that with a great product and the answer becomes clear, stable sales and increased profits. 

Loyal Customers

We've done the work to create a product unlike any other on the market today. The quality and success of our minerals and attractants speak for them selves every time a customer makes that initial purchase. As soon as they see the results, they are hooked! As a retailer you are the bridge between your customers and our products. With Ugly Buck, turn your shelf browsers into loyal customers. 

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