Ugly Buck's Wild Game Products
  • *MaxRack*®

    Feed year-round to support MAXIMUM antler growth!


    Why MaxRack® is different.. 

    A healthy buck’s antlers are comprised of over 50% hardened minerals. Our MaxRack® contains the ingredients needed to support proper nutrition without all the added fillers utilizing high quality minerals including Calcium, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium and Sodium. Unlike other brands, MaxRack® doesn’t stop there! It also provides trace minerals such as Zinc, Copper, Manganese, Iodine, selenium and cobalt. These minerals do not always occur naturally in the needed amount, leading to a mineral deficiency and decreased antler growth. Every bag of MaxRack® has been engineered using predetermined measurements to support MAXIMUM MINERAL DELIVERY!  If you’re tired of spending hours comparing products and wasting your hard-earned money just to see no results… THEN LOOK NO FURTHER! Add our MaxRack® to your deer’s diet to support the overall health of the herd and of the deer you harvest.  

    Tips for independent feeding...

     - Pour out directly on the ground near a water source or traveled deer path. 

    - Pour on top of a rotted stump or tree base. 

    - Pour into a natural or man-made depression.

    - Spread out in a natural clearing or at the end of firing lane. 

    Tips for use with other products...

     - Spread out on top of existing feed pile.

    - Mix product with other feeds (corn, peanuts, oats, etc.).  

    - When planting live food plots leave a spot in the center to spread product. 

    - Can be used with water tight automatic feeders or spreaders.

    Benefits of MaxRack® over other products...

    - Supports larger, healthier racks.

    - Provides minerals to nursing does & growing fawn. 

    - Supports healthier genetics & decreases malnutrition within the local herd. 

    - Attracts deer from neighboring areas, increasing your overall deer population.  

    - Doesn't waste money on feeding squirrels or raccoons.

    Instructions & Replenishment rate...

    Instructions For Use:

    1. Prepare the site  

    Use a rake, tree limb or good ol' work boot to clear leaves & other debris, exposing a square of approximately 6'x6'. Cut the bag open using a sharp object.

    2. Apply the product

    Starting in one corner of the exposed square, begin pouring the product on the ground while walking backwards in a zig-zag pattern using imaginary boundaries from left to right avoiding clumping.

    3. Maintaining a feed site 

    Replenish with 8.5lbs weekly for 30 days after first application, then reducing to 8.5lbs every 30 days to maintain a location of feeding & attraction.  

    Replenishment Rates:

    - For light to moderate deer presence, replenish with 8.5 lbs every 30 days.

    -  Once the deer are hooked, replenish with 8.5 lbs every 2-3 weeks. 

    - Feed year-round for MAXIMUM attraction & support the overall health of your herd!

    * Attraction properties are result of natural extracts. 

    * Check local & state laws before feeding.